Webinar Replay: 2021 Melbourne Property Market Boom & Unveiling of an Exclusive Project

Back by popular demand, we're excited to return and talk about the movements in the Australian property market. We will also be sharing an exclusive upcoming project and investment opportunity.

April Webinar Replay
Webinar Transcript

Hi, everyone. We're just waiting for a few more people. We're about to start this day about just wait for a couple of minutes more and thanks for your patience. We can see that people are still joining in, so just be patient and just let everybody in first. OK, I think we can start first. I'm sure those who join in NATO can follow from there. Very good morning to everyone. I assume most of you are in Malaysia, and I am.



My name is Joline. I am based in Melbourne. I'm joined today by my colleague Shulgin. Don, she's dead. I think you can see her. She's bathed in care. So we welcome you to join our webinar today. And really thank you for taking your precious time on the Sunday morning to join us. And we'll try not to take too long, but we'll give you as much as we can still shove until we start. Yes, please.



OK, good. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Before that, if you have any questions that you would like to ask us, please put in the chat box or the Q&A. If we can answer you during the course of the webinar. We will get back to you later, OK, and have a session later. OK. Let's start with sorry, hang on here.



Let's start with our webinars outlined today. So this webinar is suitable for investors at all levels. Of course, I think. But mostly it's for people who have some sort of an idea about a property investment in Australia or in Melbourne particular, or people we started to find out. But if you don't, that is OK as well, because shopping the night will be able to arrange a different session or send you information if you have no idea, no basic knowledge at all.



So we will keep today, you know, the challenges faced by overseas investors and most importantly, what is happening in the market today, especially in Melbourne right now and what you should be looking for, whether as an investor or an occupier. And most importantly, also the project that got us really, really excited will be unveiling it to you, followed by a live site visit. That is, I think I think why a lot of you are here as well, because we're bringing you to the actual site in Melbourne.



There is also there will also be a very important announcement at the end of the webinar, especially for investors. I hope you guys can hear me. I have the background, my background noise of the train passing by. It's not too bad. So, yes, will be. Will be. And we'll be announcing all these incentives. You know that. I would like you to stay back to stay back for the life site visit and the announcements at the end.



So and first of all, let me start by asking you a simple question. Why are you here today?



So, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not asking you this question because I need to know, because we need to know. It's basically helping you to understand and make sure of your own goals and the information that you're looking for so throughout the Web and that you can pick up all the information that you need. Or if we do not cover what you need to know, let us know as well. Later, they'll be sure to make full use of this session.



And for whatever reason, you are here today, whether it's looking to buy a home for your children when they study or looking for your future migration use, or to invest your ringgit in a stronger currency to invest in property, long term rental income, have I cover anything all migration or future migration or just to invest in a better market, a better a more stable market from what you have in Malaysia? So if you take any one of these reasons and you are financially capable, then you are in the right space today and you are basically taking your first step and maybe not your first step.



Maybe this is a second step already.



So to why are you here today for whatever reason that you have just now? I am very sure it all comes down to that. You want to make a meaningful and successful investment and wealth creation for yourself and your family. Well, we all know that property investment is one of the oldest wealth creation method, also one of the most secure one. Well, but I don't have to go into this because all of you know the fundamentals more or less.



But I think that the reason why a lot of people are here today is because the key challenge is to invest in a different country, in a city that is foreign to you. So I think that's why we're here today and would try to go through as much as we can with you. So let's see. I think these are the most common challenges, you know, that you might have, where do you buy, you know, who do you contact?



Who do you ask? What do you buy or how much is it going to cost a cost to you? And is it safe? You know, how is the process that is going to be difficult? Because some overseas person and then there are the dilemmas, you know, that we understand that while some of you have already made up your decision that, OK, I'm going to buy something in Australia, in Melbourne.



But there are also a lot of you who might be thinking, is investing in Melbourne a suitable choice for me or not? You know, or should I buy at home in Malaysia? And some people might say, you know, I, I think shopping. You agree. So a lot of people might say, well, I don't have a connection in Melbourne. You know, like I don't I'm not planning to send my kids. I don't have kids going to study there.



I'm not planning to move there. I don't have family or friends. There's no connection. And then some people that will be thinking, and how do I manage from here is so far away. Actually, it's not that five seven that was planned. But you know, all these valid questions, there is no right or wrong decisions or ideas and all that. You know, it all depends to how much is this going to benefit you for your goals, for your investment goals, for your family's requirements.



So. I think if you don't take out a piece of paper and pen and write down all the pros and cons, write down your investment goals and your family's requirements, you will never know to make this an investment happen, any investment at all. You need to, first of all, decide that you want to do this and the rest of it. We can take care of it. We can look after you as well. So I'm hoping that this webinar will also give you a clearer idea of whether this is a good option for you.



Oops, sorry. So I think some of you might be here because I can see from some of the people who has registered, you have been to our events like actual physical events before in Malaysia. So some of you might have might have missed out before on an opportunity. You know, I don't have to. This is one of the oldest story, you know, a very common situation that many people find themselves in, in actually including myself.



I've been in estate for a very long time, but many times, especially when I was younger, I kept thinking, oh, you know, I'm not ready to do this. I'm not ready to do this. I'm too busy. But in fact, I think I was I just didn't realize it and I was just.



You know, after a while, you see your client doing so well, benefited from the investments and, you know, from all these developments that that that I study, and then you start to think, hey, I should have bought that, too. I could have, but I didn't. But then nothing nothing is lost. Well, at the end, you know, I was pushed into a corner. I started making investments as well. So it's not too bad.



So some of the some of the things, you know, like people say, oh, I've been thinking about buying it for a while, you know, but no time to do it. And then I missed the boat. You know, I should have done this six or eight years ago or I could have even done it 10 or 15 years ago. But ladies and gentlemen, if you do not do it now, 10 years from now, maybe 10 years from now, you attend another one of my webinars where hopefully I don't have to speak anymore.



Probably shopping can continue, but we don't want you to you to think, oh, my God, you know, ten years ago I should have done this when I was attending Joleen's webinar. Yeah. So it's always the case. If you don't do it, you're always going to miss it. And I think also, you know, some people want to say I'll wait for a better project. But the thing is, if you are in the right market, if you are in there, you can come across the right product, right price, right location.



Why do you want to wait for the next market where you might be 50 50 chance that you tick all your boxes? So I think what I'm trying to say here is be very objective of what you want and then decide what you can do shopping. I was going to share my own success story. Do we have time to. I do that. Yeah. OK, so so, you know, this is very interesting.



End of last year I did my last property investment that the last one to acquire in January. Twenty twenty at the other research everything. I was very happy I got into it and two months later, guess what happened. We all went to lockdown. Pandemic happens. Nothing's happened.



But did I regret it? Of course not, because I've done all my research at that time. And in fact, 14 months later now or 13 months, I think around the area, the property valuation of the property acquired then is now 10 percent higher than when I paid for it. So I think I think if if if the the numbers are there, you know, the the condition, the market condition and everything is the line, I don't see why not.



We shouldn't jump into it. So so that's just my little success story, the latest one.



So we're sharing my personal point of view. Yeah. You know, to get your property value to be to to receive a surplus in the valuation price is something very rare in I wouldn't say it's hard to get that in Melbourne, but if you have done your research and survey and homework, you can get it and provide it. You would know how to enter at the right time and you buy into the right location, which we are going to share one of those that fits all the criteria later.






And also, I think Bolschwing and I, we have done investment both in Malaysia and in Australia. So if you're thinking, oh, is it going to be troublesome or not? Actually, it's it's it's not. Why? Because all of us over the last 12 years, we have helped hundreds of Malaysians buying property here. It's really not much of a difference. The procedure, the process and know that there are some differences is actually easier here, but it's not much of a difference.



The only thing is you get a lot more email settle. So and we will go through the processes. OK, let's not touch that, I think lastly, you know, you are here today also because you probably think, where do I start? So we work Chubin and I work really hard. Yeah. To guide our clients as best as we can. And it is and our business depends on how well you do. You know, it's not about, you know you know, how many pages I can sell, you know, and things like that.



Of course it is. But we we have been in the market where I have been 12 years, I think shelving similar. So we rely a lot on referrals. I won't go into too much of, you know, like what my company is, blah, blah, blah and all that. You can actually find everything you need on our website, I think. But it is important to highlight to you that I am licensed as a life insurance agent both in Malaysia and in Melbourne.



We have office space in Melbourne and another one in Mancera in Malaysia where shopping is based. I have been in the industry for twenty one years to be exact, and the last 12 years focusing on Melbourne property. OK, probably not to talk too much anyway. We were waiting. One more, one more. I want to share with you some of my very nice reviews, very sweet reviews from my clients, you know, so you can see all this on our Facebook or Google reviews.



Yeah, I can read that later on.



So, OK, I think now we moved in due the the real important stuff, something that a lot of people actually assess when they sign up for these web. And not a lot of them asked the same questions. You know, how is the market doing? Because a lot of people you are based in Malaysia, you see a lot of Malaysian news, but you're not sure about what's actually happening overseas, Melbourne included. So. The thing is, I would love to share with you every piece of good news, publish in the newspaper or reports published by banks and all that, but it would take too much time.



So what I what what we did was we summarize all this in our own words and tell you the few key points that you need to know.



So let's start with the line that you can see there on the screen. Some major banks locally has predicted between 16 to 20 percent growth in property prices in the next two years. Banks at Commonwealth Bank, you might have heard of it, Westpac and all other major banks. So you might ask me, is that real? OK, wait, let me show you the graph. Let's look at this one here. It shows the median house price in Melbourne.



So we start here in this box, this time frame. And so from early twenty eighteen to about early twenty nineteen, but one years time and property prices did a little bit. It was probably going through a correction, but it lasted for about a year.



And then you can see that from that time of twenty nineteen all the way up to early twenty twenty. Prices actually went up, went up to a higher point than the highest than the prior highest point.



OK, and then I don't need to tell you what happened. We all know what happened in this period of time. And unfortunately the pandemic hit the world. Everyone I think most countries went into lockdown at that time, Melbourne included. In fact, Melbourne has the longest lockdown as compared to other major cities in Australia. So, well, businesses were closed. Real estate agents were not allowed to work. Activities basically stop. So prices decline a little bit.



But if you can see it decline a little bit, but it's due to a point whereby it's it's higher than the previous lowest point. Yeah. So it wasn't too bad. It was just that people couldn't go out and shop for houses and all that. So our growth basically took a step back. But that's just for a really short time, so by end of I think towards the end of twenty twenty, we will coming up from lockdown and from November twenty, twenty three thousand onwards, it hasn't stopped.



So in fact, today, the median house price in Melbourne is sixty thousand more than when twenty twenty one started, which was four months ago in January.



So how good is that? Remember what I said earlier about the bank's prediction, this is in line with their prediction of property price growth in the next two years. So what this means is we're actually at the beginning of an upward trend of the prices upward trend. And this is another reason why I pushed for this webinar to share this good news with a lot of Malaysians who don't know because a lot of it was due asking us about, oh, you know, a property market must be better now because of penname, but it's not.



It really is not. And in fact, I think recently in March, I think on the twenty seven of March, we had the highest number of auction property sold in the weekend and it was just crazy people lining up to go to open for inspections. People were going to bid for properties. So things are looking really, really good. And I also want to share with you a little bit about this graph, actually, I just found this graph that was just published, I think on Friday was the one I shared with you.



So you can see that this shows exactly the price movement for the during the pandemic year from March last year to April this year. So that's what I explained earlier. You can see that this is my KOSA from about November. It has been going up and it kept going out. And just another another slide that it has got nothing to do with the price. But it's very important information here. It shows you the unemployment rate. So very quickly here, if you can see in the 80s and the 90s, recession, unemployment rate was really, really high and it took, I think, between eight to nine years, eight to 10 years to recover.



So fast forward let's look at what GFC did. So, of course, unemployment rate went up, went up really quickly in the first half of year, and then it took about slightly two years to recover. But look at covid. So I think the Australian economy is still very resilient, even to global events like the pandemic. So basically we have recovered now our unemployment rate is quite low, not a lot of job creation. I think there's an article published last week as well about this.



So you can actually Google and it will tell you exactly what's going on. OK, and what do we need to know next? So both of my shopping and I get asked these questions a lot, I think in all of ten years this is a very popular one. Is there a housing bubble? So every time we have to explain. Yeah. And so is there is there a bubble? A lot of people do not understand the difference between a housing boom and the housing bubble.



If you look at the historical prices in Australia in general for the last 60 years, I'm sorry, I didn't have the graph here, but you can Google it after this. Last 60 years, there has never been a property crash. Never.



So there have been booms, but not a bubble. So let me show you the difference between a boom and the and the and the bubble. So I have two little circles here. One is housing bubble and one is boom. I'll start off with housing bubble. So what is the housing bubble? It's a market where it's dominated by investors. You know, people who just went crazy into the market buying properties, even if they're not sure they can afford it.



When you just follow up and say, oh, this is great, you just buy. I think we have experienced it in Malaysia because at that time I was working in Malaysia.



And then a bubble is usually caused by speculations. Yeah, as what I mentioned just now, dominated by the investors company sorry. Investments so. So when the bubble burst, the prices of your property could actually end up a lot lower than where it started. So that is a bubble. How about a housing boom? Housing boom is completely different. It's usually dominated by home buyers right now. Yeah, and it happens in cycles.



You know, a lot of, you know, property cycles that goes up like this.



And it happens when property values rise rapidly, fast.



And it does. I won't say that no property cycle goes on forever. So it does usually ends up in the correction, a correction is not a crash. A correction is more correction at the end of the cycle. So it goes usually goes like this. It comes down a little bit, correct. A little bit before the next cycle started. So this is there you are. That that's your the difference between a housing bubble and housing boom. So what's going on here right now is actually a housing boom.



OK, next, you will want to know why are the prices rising? What's happening? What's happening now? So. So. We will share with you a slide that I summarized, the five key important reasons why prices rise so fast. I can't sorry. Yes. So I thought I could do it.



OK, the first most important and I think a reason why it rises so quickly is because of low interest rates. I don't think we have seen interest rate as low as today. So borrowing rates are low. So the same person, say, two years ago, making the same amount of money has larger borrowing capacity to date, meaning they can borrow more and it cost less. Yeah. Secondly, pent up demand from home buyers since last year. So last year, because nobody can go up, nobody's buying anything.



No one is spending money. No one is going for international holidays, international travel.



So Australand at the end of pandemic, sorry, at the end of the lockdown, a lot of Australians realize that, look, my savings have increased a lot. I now actually has a bigger deposit to buy a property. I think that's really important. So being locked down for a while and then with the low interest rate, I suddenly, you know, it costs me less to to borrow people come out and shop property that it's the second reason.



The third reason I think this is what you might be interested in as well. Stamp duty discount. So the Victorian government announced that any contract signed for properties under a million dollars new properties and between November to the end of June this year, you have two more months. You get a 50 percent stamp duty discount. And the best thing is this is available to us for now as well. Yeah.



So I think this is another reason, something that helped to push prices up. And of course, there is a list of other incentives that the government is giving to homebuyers, you know, like computer grand. You know, we have first homeowner grants and a list of incentives. Well, unfortunately, these are not available to you. It's also not available to me because it's only available to citizens. But even though it's not available to you, it's OK.



It's it's contributing to this market. And, of course, the low supply also, because of last year, a lot of developers were not launching new stocks. You know, a lot of sellers are not selling. No one is actively buying news sites to boot property. So these five reasons bring a together has actually push encouraged the prices to to go up. I hope I'm being clear something I'm doing OK. OK, so we've all of these points, I'm sure the next question that people want to know is, so if I'm interested, what type of property should I be looking for?


  1. The the the thing is, there is no one single type or one location of property that is the best because there are a lot of good properties group project in the market. But you need to you need to tick some boxes that certain attributes that are important in choosing your investment property or even of all for your own sale for your kids. Let's look at what I summarized here. Look at prices first. So we we think that property's under a million dollar, of course, will have the largest market share.



So we identified the price range under a million dollars and then look at the attributes. So we have to price amenities and amenities will be really important, like things like walking distance to a supermarket, to cafes, to a park, know things like that. Amenities will be very important and distances to city, distances to other key employment areas. I think that's important as well. And the next thing is open space. The local people, including myself here, we love our open space here.



We actually go out for walks, you know, not not not like just jogging or exercise. But, you know, open space is very, very important to Melburnian. So that is something that we need to look at. And lastly, because of the way people work now, the ease of working from home will also need to be paid attention to because a lot of either your your bias next time or your tenants will be looking at this. So this actually working from home also covers, you know, things like actually cover is sort of overlapping other amenities, because if you're working from home, you know, going out, you know, somewhere really far away to do your to do your banking, for example, to go to a bank or to to to visit your dentist and things like that.



So it has to be what we call within a 20 minutes, a neighborhood. Yeah. So these are the few things. Oh, sorry, I forgot the circle. There you go. Everything that the red circle has will be important. Next, I will summarize one of the the few things I mean of what I said earlier that you should be looking at as an owner occupier or as an investor. As an owner occupier, because I know a lot of you here will be looking at properties that you want to buy for your kids to live in when they go to university in Melbourne.



So you want it to be close to uni or school? You want it to be convenient with amenities. You know, the basics like supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, even cinemas, you know all that. Even banks and not everything amenities has to be close. And public transport, of course, is very important. It you it should also be in a safe environment where you have a peace of mind that your kids will be will be OK staying there.



And of course, lastly, the quality you want to buy something that sets beautiful owner occupier, not just an investor still not just a rental property. You want quality fittings, you want everything. That's a well thought off. You know, Branson developers background. How about an investor as an investor? I think, first of all, your your main criteria is, of course, to look at attractive and entry price. You want competitive pricing. You want to be buying at a price.



It's better than not the development. I think that's very important. And the two, you want to look at an area where there is a large tenant pool because these are the people who will be giving you rent and then you want to be in the growth corridors as well. You know that your property will grow in price.



Of course, you also want quality. You want to buy things to a beautiful owner occupier and then the ease of resale. So these are the things I know that there are a lot of you here. These are the things that whether you're an owner occupier or an investor, you should look at. So coming to what are we unveiling today, so we will be talking shortly, shopping will be presenting to you a development that satisfy all of the above all the points that I mentioned a short distance away from the city in the right price range amenities and everything.



So shopping. OK, I'm going to take over. Yes.



And I am sorry, shopping. So just let everybody know because I am the one with the slide show. If you need me to move, I have a meal. Just let me know. OK, yes. So what you are seeing now is the CGI of schemes that we are going to present you. It is called East Brunswick Village. They move on to the next night and that's the FACA before I gave you a deep dove into the development.



I personally stay in Melbourne for three years for my university. That was a long time ago. But every now and then before dependancy, I would travel to Melbourne almost once or twice every year. I've seen the changes in in the residential landscape in Melbourne itself, not just in CBD, but also in the suburban areas like Brunswick. That day I stay in North Melbourne and it's quite a close distance to one city just to give a very Brunswick is located in the north suburb.



It's approximately five to six grand from the CBD. And back then it was just a really standard suburb. I would say there wasn't much excitement back in 15, 16 years ago. There were already established malls and supermarkets or housing and all, but there was not much writing I could see back then, but over the years. But I traveled a lot to Melbourne. I do see a lot of efforts from the council, the government, the developers who basically work together and identify the part and parcel of land in Brisbane, which will work for regeneration and is Brunswick Village is one of it.



And for me, this location is more strategic because it's very close to the transportation system and the step up itself, the concept itself, it's like a community itself. And if they even have the Instagram page, absolutely. They put out their updates and the activities and all the residents will actually hang out together. So this is the power we like because he's driving. It's vibrant, it's quite Keats's and it's people like in my age, we'll probably keep this well over the next page.



I'll share all of my excitement with this development. Next page, please.



So is is Brunswick Village suitable for you? I would say yes. It takes all the boxes and personal. It's really, really ideal for parents, because if you have kids who are going to study in Melbourne or who are already in Melbourne, it's actually a very safe environment for the kids. It's well secured. The apartment will be secured by the system and even for them to go back home late because it's so close to all the transports. So and is particularly quite convenient for students and kids who are studying in Melbourne.



You know, that's where I came from.



And and RMIT, that's where I went to.



But those schools are basically within the radius, which I think are really stable to keep the trouble. And they can even cycle a cycle down to Melbourne. You can say it's 15 minutes long.



Yeah, yeah. And I think Brunswick is sponsoring this direction.



Basically, the local government has done a lot in the past few years, like what Shelby mentioned earlier about cycling. I cycle to around Melbourne for Holby and this area has, I think, the most cyclists commuting to and from the city every day in Melbourne. And there are a lot of vaccinated bicycle paths, which is fantastic. So you don't have to cycle next to cos, you know, you just cycling your own protective path. So I think that's really wonderful to.



And shoving, come here, you have.



Yeah, OK, I just want to emphasize the efforts coming from the local government and also the developers, because they do notice that the demographic of the population who cycle in the city or in the suburbs have been increasing as well. So they do come out with a nice bicycle path for the people who are riding everyday on a daily basis. And this is part of the plan as well, if we want to. The low and middle is why you are getting this advantage, because we we are basically looking at a very locally appealing area in a sense that you will see lots of local local Australians who are staying in this area.



You wouldn't really expatriates and and of foreign students. Yes, you do. But 90 percent of the population are basically the local Aussies. And very much when it comes to the ratio, the exit strategy has to be there in a sense that when you sell back to when you when you release your property, you dispose of property, you can only sell back to the Australians or the local, the people, the citizens. So when you come to this area, you do have an existing market to sell to.



OK, move on to the next one long term rental market, I will probably look at the angle of the length of the tenancy and especially when you get a tenant, if you don't have any kids, that it doesn't mean you don't have a valid reason to invest. You must.



I think this is also we talk about long term rental income. We are certain there are some types of investors. Might be. You might be not. But we have a lot of clients over the year. So they are just building portfolio, the portfolio of properties that give them the highest rental return. So these are the clients that it's not about just buying property and and want to make a quick buck out of it. It's more about creating this portfolio that I'm going to pass on to my younger generation later.



So I'm putting in all the properties that give me good rental income. So this is Brunswick Village is one of these that we identified that is very suitable for this type of investment.



Yes. And also we also look at the extended length of the tenancy that we can secure in Melbourne. They are normally when they sign up for the lease, but usually they will look they will look for at least 12 months to 24 months. Got a property in Melbourne as well, but is not in Brunswick, but over the years. I've got the same tendons throughout the day, are very happy, comfortable with where they leave and come, and not only that, they are willing to pay more on the second you.



So future on use again is only six can from the CBD to all the boxes as a perfect home. If you want to migrate, don't know. Probably something happen. You have decided to migrate. That is the perfect idea. I think I'll just cover this a little bit.



We were not planning to say this because I'm about to say now, but usually it's in our client engagement program. But I'll just cover this a little bit. A lot of people say, OK, I'm planning to move to Melbourne, but not now. In five years time. I want to buy a property there so I can. Knipping But the thing is, many times right before you actually move here, you don't know where you're going to live because because you haven't really explore it here.



So what I advise what we advise clients is invest in something that you can either rent it out for now or in the short term. When you move here before looking for your the perfect home you want somewhere that's convenient, living in the interim time, it maybe you have enough to buy another want to keep this for rental because it's going to be a good one. But this is one of the strategy that we advise some of the clients to do so instead of waiting for five years.



When you're ready to move here, you basically go into the market first, start getting some rental income, or if buying cash, you you'll be saving up a lot of money in your bank account by the time you come here. Yeah. Or some people think that market is too young, they won't be going to uni for five years. It's the same thing. Invest now, get some rental income. At least you're buying at today's price, not a price.



Five years later you're back to you and planning is it's necessary when it comes to the long term investment journey, especially when you have a property overseas the next stage. OK, now we are going to cover the reasons why we pick East Brunswick Village, what I mentioned is only six came from the CBD and the trend is just right, a doorstep. This trend will take you straight into the city as well and into back into Bourke Street.



So basically, I know a lot of you probably know Melbourne a little bit. Everyone knows Bourke Street in the city. So from Nicholson Street, where the project is, it goes to Spring Street and it turns into Bourke Street. So it cuts across a city like the middle of the city, basically on Berke's, where you can basically get off anywhere to go to even Chinatown. You take that tram. Yeah, this bookstore is just literally one lane in Chinatown.



Yeah, OK. So basically, apart from the CBD and I think the university takes a lot of ticks, the boxes as well, because Melbourne is it's probably about three K and from the side. Yeah, it's nearby. Really nearby. Just down the road and is saving the city. What they're even you drive I-20 is 15 minutes is about 10 actually quite close to the school. And there is also a Coles supermarket on site is literally just next to the building, next to the apartment that we are going to show you.



Yeah, the causes within the development of development. But it's going to be next to the building that we are unveiling today is exactly.



And as you as you know, Coles or even Woolworths are really, really important. Is essential.



Yes. And and shopping. Remember I told you this. Coles is so nice. It's one of the newer ones. You know, it's it's got gourmet, like, more gourmet style and really beautiful. Really nice. You get everything that. So I was very excited when I saw it the first time.



And the best part is it's already there. You don't have to wait three years to get it up and running. It's dead. Yeah, it's already there. The next year in year. And just walk across, you can get your food, steak, your organic products. It's just at the doorsteps. Then of course you have got cafes and restaurants, shops, fitness, yoga studios. They have a bike repair stores and they have and many other wellness center or within walking distance.



And in terms of what score, if you are familiar with Melbourne property, we always look at walk score and is one hundred I will rate is ninety nine is really ninety nine is fantastic.



Yeah. We can run a daily errands or we didn't find out.



So, again, remember yeah, remember what I said earlier, this will basically take the boxes of your future attention as well, because a lot of people will want to know, can I work from home? Is it convenient? I can just, you know, lunch. I can just go downstairs, get my food, or I'll get some fresh food, things like that. Everything has to be within 20 minutes.



And then most importantly, when it comes to your exit strategy, you got the market ready for you because majority of the local residents. Yup, and yeah, so so this is the Google map that I that we put it on. So East Brunswick, the latest here, a six kilometer from from Melbourne's CBD. So this is Melbourne's CBD that you might be familiar with. And this is Melbourne Uni, so it's only six km away. Back to you.



Siobhan, if you just stick on with the circle, the six commemorating and we move on to down south and you can see South Yarra or Paran, South Melbourne are all probably within the same proximity because the suburbs, it's quite it's been quite large. But just to give you a bit of insight and the comparison, if we look at areas like South Yarra or South Melbourne, they are more expensive in the sense that they are different elements. The price difference, I would think, because those areas are more mature.



Of course, you would actually identify why, which just by the look of the trees, the trees are actually, you know, older along along the street. You'd get three lines. Bolívar But of course, you can also look at the age of the people who are sitting there, more meter meter to 40 to 60 years old. So no offense, but these are the demographic in those areas and also the mix of the retail and the mix of the schools.



Hence, there is a premium to the land costs in those area. Whereas in East Brunswick, I wouldn't say they're the retail mix is not right. Basically, they are younger in the sense that previously is this part of suburb was not for redevelopment because the government has not they didn't realize that actually takes you actually need it some attention. But as soon as they notice that there is an increased demand for areas like this because of the education sector, because of job creations, Penn State, they open up the plan for regenerations.



Then the developers came in and then they put out the site. They tear down all the old houses they put in. The new retools in the new retail is not like, you know, just normal cafes and restaurants, the other Riccio's, which are more independent. Then you also would see lots of coworking space around. You would see lots of art studios and art galleries if you if you want to. Feddis to Incoll context, I think it's like bungs ourself because banks are Salvy asexually and also in uprising's die a moment because they have got all the offices in that in that plot of land.



You have lots of younger generation working population in the area. So really in my context about herself will be just like it used to be. But East Brunswick, when it comes to East Brunswick, is more established already. Wales, Bosaso was quite you know, it is what it was quite underdeveloped. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And this is another picture that I obtained it from the developer, so it shows you this is bit of because we look at a flat map here.



So this one shows this is the site is Brunswick. And then you can see in the background, that's a city how close it is. Yeah, so and here they have highlighted you have RMIT University, Melbourne universities here, KOTIN this year, Royal Botanic Gardens there, you know, it's really, really cool. So I hope this picture gives you a much better idea, even though it's black and white, but it's really clear. OK, next one I mentioned earlier, it's a master plan of development.



It's also an urban redevelopment scheme. And because it's just like a village, those of living and the environment is set up. Hence, they are putting most of the daily and many of these in the development itself. So you got definitely you would get coworking space because thanks to the pandemic, then we've got a rooftop garden. You can grow your vegetables at the. Yes, you can. I'm sure you've read.



I have seen it and I have actually uploaded these photos of the gardens on our Facebook page. It's in one of the post recently. Just go look for it. It's there. It's really nice.



And they have car charging stations for parking and storage. You want to mention about storage drolly? I think you were amazed as well.



Oh, my God. So does the storage. It's a very different storage cage because I was shunned by my associate. And it's it's not like the usual storage that's built by some link chain chain link here in Malaysia we call.



But this one is proper. It's like proper cover up cages that people can't see inside. So I'm going to see this before in Melbourne, to be honest. First time. So developer has really put in a lot of thought into designing this place. And I think I just add on a little bit with a green banner that I put it. It's actually the nearest community masterplan leaving the nearest one to the CBD at this stage. So I think it's really a blessing that it's only six km away because the other masterplan development is usually a bit further out from the city.



So this one, it's I think it's an added bonus, right? Yeah, it is. You have got a on site, Reto. You have calls already. It's already up and running. You have to find. Yeah, they will be independent. Operator, as you know, the coffee scene in Melbourne is really strong and you can get those get a pot from the organic food store, you get a yoga studio, you get as a cinema medical center and also a bike repair store.



By the way, apart from the cafes in the development itself, they are going to be an alfresco dining Lennier that will look really, really good when he's completed. Yeah, so the the alfresco dining laneway that shopping just mentioned is here.



So basically, this is the site, SBP site. So follow the kuso on my screen. This bit here is complete. This is where Coles is and the cafes, you know, and the other stores are. So what we're looking at is here.



Do you go on how you can react? Yeah. Yes, just across. So this this is the alfresco laneway here. Let's get right. And also, we would like to stress that this to develop a Benko group, they are they are actually very established financially. Why I say that? Because when they started the development, especially on the site where you see coals being the completed phase, when they started this plot of land, they have also started the growth of the entire scheme, the entire EBV, the basement, the basement years to here.



So they do have the financial strength to start the project. They they don't have any existing construction loan. They are cash rich. They are able to deliver. So you are actually buying from a very reliable developer who has experience in the market for over close to 60 years? I would say.



I think they started in just wanting to get the in this fifty nine years ago with the market in the industry and the focus is on building socially and environmentally sustainable developments, you relatable but is relatable for a lot of Melburnians.



It is getting higher and they are being forced in country. You need something that can save your utility bill, especially when it comes to the ventilation system. And Coal Group has been building sustainable homes like this. And this will be all incorporated in EBV, by the way. And of course, the business will be on the shopping center as well, the new apartment complexes that do townhouses. But currently the main focus is EBV. So you should really, really consider this.



These are some of the images to show you the rooftop garden. So this is how the common areas will look like. You know, the landscape that will be there will be built around all the apartments. And you can see apartments are really, really going to look very nice.



I personally love that because we when we have pictures out like this long from all the standard developments that we've been selling or even in Malaysia, the piazza is just a it's just like a seating area. No trees, no, no nothing, no flowers. But but this is something quite unprecedented, you know, it's very green. Yeah, very, very green. Yeah. And this is actually an existing cafe that's nearby here. I've been there many times, very popular.



Again, this is just to show you that you have all these things within walking distance. It's. Local demand. Well, we did our research as well. The population estimate for Brunswick is, which is the suburb as of 30 of June in twenty nineteen. Fifteen thousand four hundred twenty five people. But since the previous seven years, the population has officially grown by 5.5, close to five point five. And whereas if you compare with the growth in greater Melbourne, overall, there were only a two point two point three, I would say.



So they do feel they do have a stronger, much stronger population growth because it's double that the population growth here, it's double the population growth in greater Melbourne.



So I think this is another reason why we look at this and say, OK, this is doable and why and I think Brunswick was actually quite under rated back. They always Evars were they were just making inquiries regarding mostly Southbank. Yeah, yeah, yeah.



I think because this is still a pretty much a local area and in the past 10, 15 years, it has actually transformed, we call it, it's been gentrified and it's getting really popular, especially the younger population. As you can see, more than 50 percent of the population here, between 15 to 40 years old, which is the group of people that you actually want to target as your tenants. And so the landscape, the business landscape in Brunswick has that has changed tremendously then just normal retailers or shops or agents like news agency, just really, really standard set of shops.



But here you see there were new businesses like studios like fintech business coworking space or mushrooming around Brunswick area. Yeah, it's a sign that all signs are showing that they are driving at the moment. Yeah.



And hang on. And we will also want to show you an interesting fact here that the renting population in Brunswick is has been increasing. So let's start 15 years ago. So about 40 percent of the population was renting and then 10 years ago, it increased to forty two point four percent, a slight increase.



But look at five years ago, suddenly jump up to more than half supported. Half of the people here rent and, well, it will only go up. I don't have the number for this year because twenty twenty one will be the year that they do the census based, not publish it. But I'm very confident it be a lot more than this right now. So I think out of the this is the third reason we're going to tell you five, but this is the third reasons why we think this is a very interesting project, something that you look at.



OK, next, I guess this is what a lot of people want to know, Price, why we pick this project. FPP is price at currently at eight thousand eight hundred per square meter. But look at the comparables that I put up to show you. Here you have this one, 17 Union Street. It's eleven thousand square meter. And then there's another one called. It's also at ten thousand five. I actually have. So I actually have access to sell these if you want to.



But why would you I mean, Eppy is so much nicer. It's a masterplan community, but these two other projects are basically standalone, meaning that there's just no like all these other amenities underneath it all built for this. And this one is next to the train train line here. So I think in terms of price point, we are at a very, very sweet spot here. And then I know some of you would like to compare this with others.



Let's compare let's look at this in the broader way. Let's look at CBS Benguiat. A lot of people, not even Saphira Pirenne. Your price here in this region is eleven thousand five hundred to fourteen thousand eleven for eleven thousand five hundred on the lower side. So you will be looking at that. And a lot of properties, especially CBD, Softbank, some in software as well. When you buy a one bedroom apartment or small two bedroom apartment doesn't come with park.



All you need to do, you need to pay to get one. So that makes these price prices in this area a lot higher. OK, let's move a little bit down south here. Amadio, Mulvane Glamourise twelve thousand to thirteen thousand. Let's look at Hawthorne and all of you know, Haldun eleven thousand.



And then we come to the Bokser border area. It's a similar price to EB, but they're not six km from the city that 18 to 20 km away. There you go. This is one of the reason why we think that it is priced at a really sweet spot. And another interesting fact here, so and Brunswick is unit price units, basically apartment unit here. It's actually seven point six percent lower than Victoria's median price for unit. Yeah. However, Brunswick is the unit rent is one point two five percent higher than Victoria's median rent.



So shopping and I discussed this on this show and explain why this could be a good situation. I think Bakhtin Brunswick is unit price being so much lower because in the past we don't really see a lot of developments of new apartments coming out in the past 10 years and then predominantly Bronzewing in terms of the residential landscape, all predominately forms over old 20, 30 years homes.



If you look at the number here, Brunswick's price empire by nine percent lower than Victoria, median price. OK, there's only one reason to explain that the rental properties were not available back then, but it became more popular because of the population of the students and also the local. But they can't afford to buy homes in Brunswick and other put. Maybe you can probably. Would it be better?



OK, basically, I think what we discussed the other day, Brunswick, is is not like the CBD or South Bank or Dockland Square where it has these other areas had a lot of international exposure. Properties were being so overseas, they were viewed a lot more high density where Brunswick is still pretty much local. It hasn't that process hasn't been that inflated to like certain areas. So it has still pretty much a very local area. That's actually what we like.



If you have spoken to me before shopping before, you would know that we usually don't encourage clients to go into too high density or, you know, like to certain areas. But we think that Brunswick East is pretty much a very local area, an opportunity, I would say. And it was really underrated because this one instant international market we're focusing on, on the CBD market, on something, on yourself, Malaby, everything is sell, sell, sell all the way down to the south.



But they actually did not realize that Brunswick was actually that close to the university and all the amenities and so much closer.



Yeah. Is actually much closer and less is thought for the trend was to get to the city is proven because I tried that before. Yes. Yes, of course. And not a thing that since we're talking about this price. Right. I'd like to explain this, this opportunity here, because the gap between the house and apartment prices are growing bigger and bigger, as you can see here in March. Twenty twenty one and median house price in Brunswick is one point over one point three million, and the median unit price is over half a million.



So as this gap keeps growing, people will come in later. They will be forced to look at apartments. So this is where the opportunity where investor or apartment buyers will get to enjoy a gruffy apartment prices. So in the past may be because houses were still affordable. The apartments were not you know, prices didn't go up that much. But look at this. The gap is growing bigger and bigger. So it is actually present a really interesting opportunity.



So median house price being so aggressive, more buyers will be forced to look at. You need to move apartments in the very, very near future.



And we did whatever whatever information we put it here. We didn't make it up. Yeah, we always put our sources there so you can you can verify them to. And I guess the last important the reason why is the time frame, the physical completion of this block is expected at the end of twenty twenty two. No.



One, there is no immediate financial stress to you as an investor, because, as you know, all the all you probably know that you only need 10 percent here when you sign your contract. So you have around 18 months time to prepare for settlement. You should need to immediately need to. Oh my God, would I get the money to Modisane that I need to find the finance if you need financing.



So you basically have a comfortable time frame to arrange for settlement number two.



Also, another key reason is the most developed nation. It's expecting that end of twenty twenty one will be the time where international travel will be open is also where we expect our international students expects our tourists are going to come back. So it's time perfectly. And certainly remember what we said at the beginning. I know it's been a while, but let me just re re remind you again that we are at the beginning of an upward price movement. So you are coming in at the beginning time and not later.



So I think these are the three main reasons in terms of time frame why it is important. I hope you agree with me.



So and before the to sit in the video very last what I think I want to show this to some newcomers. I mean, people who just started to explore just to give you a bit of idea of the investment of you. OK, so I basically pick among a property in Cura to compare in terms of price and rental income. So I picked Sophina because a unit there I will I was told it's about one point five billion ringgit, so I've used an extension of three just to make it easier.



So so it turns out it won't be work has to be about half a million Australian dollars and that your rent debt that are put in that. And then let's look at a one bedroom apartment in EPB. Four hundred and fifty four hundred fifty five thousand. And that's the rental you're going to get. And how about a two bedroom, a smaller two bedroom? It's about six hundred and four thousand. And you're getting about twenty seven point five thousand dollars a year as rent.



So there's a lot of numbers there. Let's look at the easier one in terms of expected rental yield. One bedroom give you about five percent. To give you about four point six percent, how about mongerer? So I think look at the screen, and I think this give you now a much clearer idea why in the past 15, 20 years, Malaysians have been investing overseas in Melbourne. So now you know why the case not too late. All right.



OK, before the site visit, we would like to share with you a quick video, a word from the director of Benko group.



He couldn't join us today here live, but he has sent me a video that is recorded that he would like me to play with for you. Just hang on. OK, can you you can see the. Again, playing it now. But there's no s sorry, it's there's no sound. OK, let me fix this. Probably change your audio. Same system more. Yes. All a. You know, we can hear the sound coming from the video.



Just give me a minute. OK, we do have the subtitles, you know. We have the subtitles that that's OK. OK. From the CBC. A special package. Yes, if I be rebate free buildings and ceiling fans interest on deposit. So we look forward to seeing you would be very, very soon. It works now. No, that's OK.



And most importantly, it works now. So sorry, guys, I didn't set this properly, but it will work for the next important thing. So. So we promise you a live site visit because the the the weather didn't look good. So my associate Francis here, he's actually just here standing next to me.



So he was really kind to half an hour later when I was talking, he actually went out to film it. I just get him to say hi very quickly. So and then I'll play the video that he kindly took for me. That's Francis. Yeah, OK, I'll play it now. Hello. You can see me. Hi. Hi, I'm standing. Guys, I'm just standing very close to where John King is. You know, Dolly, just over there in the showroom, you can see that there's a sort of a machinery going on here.



They're digging the hole for the lost glory. The one that we're presenting today is actually a lot for which the concrete we need to baseman's has already been done. And you can see that there are some cranes there there. So that's a lot for from because the basement is down from here to is complete. It's probably going to be about 18 months from now. Know over this site you can see that this is the stage one. They are 250 Obama that has already been built and construct built below the apartment on the ground floor.



There's a lot of retail facility and that's what makes this project very special. So we got some Cafer here. We've got a Liquorland that's very good for, you know, buying some building some alcohol. And most importantly, you can see that there's a Kostabi that's a big cost. That's about 4000 square meters of cost out there. Now, why do I take you into one of completer apartment in the stage one? And let's have a seat. Follow me.



This is the vertical gardens. This development is all about sustainable living, and you're buying to a future apartment that have seven point five star energy rating that's go.



All the panel are very skilled, if you are the visitor, you come here, you will press the panel, let's say, too old to ring the bell and someone will be able to see the palm and see your face from their own apartment. But today, I've got a key, the special key, so we can tap into that very secure. Getting to hear. Second door to get into the apartment, the first of which I'm not going to tell you that you can see some letterbox over there.



Now, today, I'm going to take you to the apartment level, one disputing has been completed, almost all the apartment has been sold and most of them are unoccupied.



So people are liking here and living here.



That's coming. So this building has only been completed not long ago. You can see that there's some protection shit on the leaf. This is designed for water moving. You don't want to knock over the leave know damage to leave. That's the way it has been set up probably for moving today. Level one. We are OK now. Whenever there's a whenever possible, the developer put some artwork on the Web, I'm going to show you what here. Let me take you to apartment one or two.



Let's go. You'll see me walking backward, make sure the key is the right key. The other way. OK. So what we are showing you today, this is a two bedroom apartment, which is very similar size to the two bedroom apartment in Laforet, you can see that there's a kitchen area where Kawi standing dining.



So the dining area, proper dining table with four full sized chairs and a sofa sofa here are pretty spacious. So this is a panel is probably about, I think, about seventy five square meters and it has to be open up to sort of a balcony or so for the ground floor apartment. They will open up to a courtyard.



A couple of thing to mention here in Australia. This is will be the standard that we're handing over in Evvie the kitchen. All the appliances will be provided, all the cabinet. And, you know, even with the air coming here that we've got to alcohol is a dotted air code, which will be standard unlawful as well for that EBV. That's what we're presenting today. You've got Tembo following on in the living area, the bedrooms. It has carpet and this is a king sized bed, it's pretty large, spacious, I just want to quickly show you guys about what to include in the apartment.



Corey, do you want to maybe take a few shot around the area? So this is the first Baroon. OK. That's the master bedroom. You guys are on straight as well. It's very spacious. Tower, sort of all the way up to the ceiling. So this this is the kitchen, most of the two bedroom apartment has the island benchtop, a storm benchtop, and you got the other cooktop, Rensuke. And, you know, some sort of feature slash bat over here, if I can quickly show you this is the laundry.



So just look at the floor plan. But typically we have a separate laundry room, which is very practical, and we try to set away from the bedrooms. No. Let's go out, I'll take you to the you know, to the rooftop. Let me lock the door. Just give me one second. Good. All right, so, uh. Off we go over here. We're going back to the left and from there we're going to up to the level six.



Now, this is the hour I'm going to show you is a very simple Alward that you might think that over the ratings, but whenever possible, Evvy, we present a different outlook. If we go to a level six. Doors closing, the elevator going up. The market in Australia are pretty hot right now. The auction rate, average height on twenty seventh of March. This over two thousand property on the market for auction. That was the biggest we can't ever see Australia.



So a lot of very good positive news right now. The banks are forecasting probably about between. 10 to 20 percent increase in the next 12 months. So this is not a piece of artwork that we presented. Evvie. No. Polly was mentioning that even in the facility level, it's all about tap that you need to tap into the facility level. Now we are here on the rooftop and I'm going to show you a couple of things here. It's pretty cool.



So of this one at the camera, not stabilizing, but, um. On quickly give it to me about Crowley and show you that, um. To give you an overview of the whole site, this is how big the size is, is is as big as about three hectares. We are currently on the stage two of the release. So getting now, we still will be able to secure some early passes. And you can see the level, the finish that we have deliver EBV and.



The concrete side that you can see, that's what a panel will rise from that area. OK, we'll give it to me so that we can jump down. Uh. OK. No. So this area, you can see that a lot of vegie patch, veggie gardens and Evvie, you know, what we wanted to do is encourage residents to be able to go outside, go on their own vegie, really sort of emphasize that sustainable living, um, on the rooftop, which across the development we have many, many rooftop.



They usually have different themes for this theme is more about the veggie gardens. Um, we have a barbecue station here. And across over there, you will probably see a little bit hard to see, but that garden on the other on next building, which is part of EBV stage one, is emphasis on children's playground.



And this development is actually located only about six kilometers away from Melbourne's CBD. Ah, this also IMRT campus in Brunswick.



So it takes about three minute driving distance to Ivy and 10 into Melbourne, you 15 minutes driving distance into Melbourne's CBD. And that's how close the Melbourne CBD corridor. Let's get a bit closer to Abassi. Everybody see the CBD. It's beautiful view. All right, I think that's pretty much it for the today, thanks. I'll give the give it back to you. You guys have a good day just by. So I hope everyone has enjoyed that video, you actually get to see the real thing, it's no longer just on brochure, it's actually on the real thing.



So oh yeah. Next I need to go back to my screen again. Hang on. AK. So remember when we were watching the video from the developer, earlier story, there was no sound, but you could see the wording. Yeah. So here's where we get announced. A list of incentives for all the buyers are is actually.



So you get the FIA biffy rebate that's worth six thousand three hundred fifty dollars. You get the window blinds and upgrades and then interest on deposits. But that's already a long list. Is it good enough for you? I not a lot of people want to ask for more. So my associate from the enemy has been so kind and that he said, OK, Joline, for your clients, we're giving you a bit more. Wait for it, a six month free property management services for any of you who want to let dynamic and manage your property.



I think it's a great savings is half a year of property management fees and and dynamic has been so kind that even offered this to add to existing. For example, if you currently already have investment properties in Melbourne or properties here that you would like to be managed, he will offer the same to you. OK, for all of this, if you're interested. Stay back. Later, we can do a one to one review or schedule a call review.



And right now, I will let Shervin and try to stay back, please, because if you are interested in financing, we have a guest speaker coming up very, very shortly after shelving. Explain a little bit on some of the floor plans that people won't go through the whole list, but just a few. Xiaomi and stuff share now then I can roll up. Well, it won't take long, guys. Stay with us. So I'm going to show you the typical layout plan for a one day and just let me go through the full screen view.



Now, the typical one, that will be roughly about five fifty five sixty square feet immigration context. And there is also the balcony and balconies. It has become an essential item for property selection or property features because of working from home lifestyle. There will be some outdoor space for for the personal use of balconies has become really popular. Apartments on the second floor is four hundred and fifty thousand Australian dollars. And the same goes to feel a by the thrill is slightly smaller.



Hence they are priced the same as the second floor. OK, then we have a seat on the fourth floor. But just to give you a bearing in terms of the layout plan, this is where you come in. You have an open kitchen and the living dining. This is the cabinets, then you have a bathroom center bathroom here. So this is your bedroom and that's the balcony really functional. In terms of expert, you're looking over to the landscape piazza, which is really beautiful.



Lots of greens. Then you have got the same espec on the third and fourth floor. Now, here's another hot, big, too big one bath proxima, 720 square feet, excluding balcony entry, you have your bathroom bathroom in the toilets on the right side. Then you've got a kitchen on the left side, dining, leaving a huge balcony. Then you've got your bedroom. This is the second bedroom. This is the first bedroom. You got built in wardrobes as well.



It's awfully featured. You're looking at five hundred ninety nine thousand Australian dollars on the first floor. Then you have got another on the second floor. Just being a small top up in terms of price. This is to be won back again on the second floor, it's facing towards the Coles supermarket. This is a self-respect square layout, really functional, leaving balcony and kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and bedroom. Move on to the next one is too big to buff, which is quite popular among overseas buyers as well and is good for resale.



You're looking at about close to 750 square feet. This is where you come in kitchen on the on the left side bathroom, dining, leaving a long, huge balcony. This is your second bedroom, this is your master bedroom, and you have an en suite. This is a central bathroom. I really like this layout and in terms I expect it is looking towards the al fresco dining area, it would be six fifty on the first floor and six hundred sixty five thousand Australian dollars on the third floor.



And that's about it's quick one. And perhaps we can now introduce Jessica. Or are we just saying the guy is I'm Jessica from from AAA.



She's been in financing this industry since 2000.



Which are you in this industry maybe for the past six to seven years?



Sixty seven year know overseas landlords in getting financing from from Australia for the Australian property. And Jessica basically is a relation. She used to look for triple A in in Brisbane, in Australia, and just recently returned to Malaysia. But a very funny story in the sense that when she returned the pandemic hits plus MCO.



Yes, it was I wouldn't call it as a good experience, but I think it was also shot because of the pandemic as well. But yes, I think just to get help us out here by explaining the extent that the rates or LTV for Malaysian buyers who are looking for financing facilities for the Australian Home District, an example of these five hundred thousand Australian dollars property, SD as a case study.



OK, maybe just do maybe I'll just do a shot. Introductions like a mortgage broker in Australia, the second client, which is Australia, property for debt financing. So we happen just in Malaysia. So myself in here and we have branches in Singapore and also Hong Kong. So for, you know, that country, major banks are not lending to foreign investor. It has been about four to five years that we have financial institution also known as a second tier bank that's offered to this program for in the program.



And we are currently with this origin. Origin is contracting. So we have we can promote our family, financial products and our own brand.



And the basically the product itself for a foreign country is as low as four point to eight percent and long term is up to twenty nine years. Our is up to eighty three percent. For example, your five hundred thousands, you can take up to 80 percent of I mean you can get loans about up to 80 percent from there. So what is good for old finance is you don't need to come to Australia to get a loan set out or any bank account to set out because a package comes with an offset account.



So you can use this for saving interest, the buzz of income or any transaction that you want to do. So it actually is a benefit because we are not a private funder, because profundo won't be able to offer you a bank account. So Origin has been a second tier bank in Australia that has the ability to set out accounts for clients. You just need to contact us. We just need to do the loan application. We would go in and get a concept out at the set settlement sometime we can do it.



It would be for Saddam. If you need to read your fund to settle the property, we can get a card, Danforth, and you can put the funds inside your car and get a transaction done for the property. Otherwise you sometime we can also set out to contact your solicitor. We would do some of that as well. Yeah. Internal document. What we are looking at is very simple treatment, payslip of bank statements, simplify credit report.



We will of course, have organized these together. Then we will know you better and inturn of what you are looking for and how are we going to achieve the finance objective. And I think that's pretty much I can cover for a product like this. Maybe we. Do you have any question for me?



What would be the required documents for them to process the financing application for you?



OK, so basically we will have a check in the beginning. Right. But our basic document will be the three months payslip and bank statement and simplified credit report form, I think, simulation as a status. You can actually organizing online, get a credit report in Malatia. Yes, we will start from there. If there's anything there further. We will talk about it later.



OK, and what will be the standard present time frame and what sort of fee we are looking at?



OK, that's a good question.



Maybe we took up our time frame. I was safely seafoam from the approval to settle. It usually takes five to eight weeks, but you get ready especially for it. Now, we might have some other document they need to prepare. I would recommend client of containing at least three to four months earlier. They would talk about we were structured together. So this was the process. And we can settle in time. The. We also do of education, actually.



Yeah, you all right? Sorry, Jessica. We've got a question here for you by one of the attendees. He would like you to repeat. What is the interest rate again? And the next question, do you look at the Malaysian loan commitments?



OK, so the interest rate is as low as four point two, eight percent. Of course, it depends on LTV. And we'll go into the detail when you looking at the purchase price and how much you want to borrow for. The other question is we will depends on the product. We have different product. So one of the product will be looking at the call as a full document is like a full application. Look at your full financial status, including the commitment in Malaysia and maybe other places.



So another product that we have is something that we call sophisticated investor. We be not all the like the outside Australia, but just looking at something that what you have already in Australia. So this is a property for people who or the investor in Australia before. That's where we can something to look at this product, Pitchess or the applicant has got some existing properties in Australia. Will they get a preferred interest rates?



This is what I would say, because I've got that very often from my clients. Yeah, this is maybe not, but it could be a good profile that's on the higher job approval rating for them.



Yeah, OK. And it was sort of upfront fees. Will they have to expect when they go through you to get the financing approval?



Yeah, there will be different fees and charges, of course, but I will certainly say that probably up to one point five to two percent of your loan request.



OK, that's a good day. Yes.



So if anything that you interest is a better product. And once you know about the fees and charges that interest rate in detail, please contact me. Yeah. Also, maybe you can put inside your question in your registration form later, then we'll quickly give you a call. Artex, there's no I think we yeah.



We've got another question here for you.



Is it possible to have ringgit denominated known as I paid installment in ringgit ringgit Malaysian ringgit Malaysia?



What do you mean?



Let me give the parents the loan installment is in relation ringgit or rather is that look just like what? What the bank in Malaysia May Bank on standby who were previously approving projects in Melbourne, in Australia and in Perth. They offer Malaysia. That's what I get from Boeing.



OK, we are actually it is based on a U.D. because what you do is you are actually getting the loan from Australia. So everything settle it within Australia.



Yeah, because this one is not a Malaysian bank, so I don't think they can do that. Right. Yeah, yeah. OK. I think, ladies and gentlemen, I know we have pretty much run quite over time because maybe we had too much thing to share. But again, I encourage you to let us know if you will like one on one session with us. So, Jessica, and then we will also be reaching out to you in the next one or two days.



We thank you so much. A copy of this webinar will be available if you would like to request it. We will speak to you soon. Anything else to add in, ladies? Oh, good. OK, if that's the case, we want to say goodbye to everybody and we'll speak to you in the next few days. OK, bye, ladies and gentlemen.


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