Our Process Guiding You To Buying Your Australian Investment

  • Guided step-by-step, handheld program by our team
  • To be completed over 3 x Zoom/call sessions, preferably over 3 weeks
  • Individually tailored approach based on investment needs as every situation is different
property investment around carlton melbourne

Who is this for?

  • 1 Owner Occupier (e.g. parents buying for kids, future own stay)
  • 2 Investor (e.g. long term rental income, capital growth, currency exchange gains, diversification)
  • 3 Combination (e.g. a parent buying for a child, and subsequently rent it out or sell for profit)

What are the pre-requisites?

  • 1 Financially able (cash buyers or financing with at least 20-30% equity)
  • 2 Open mindset (i.e. willing to explore options, to agree, to object, open to discuss)
  • 3 Want to succeed
  • 4 Timeframe (to commit within 3 to 12 months)

Process Steps

  1. Fact-finding session – is this the right investment for the client?
  2. The basic guidelines of property investment in Australia for foreigners. (costs, taxes, rules & regulations)
  3. How does the Australian property market compare to the Malaysian? Understanding the local market, supply & demand, expected yields & growth, reasons to invest.
Setting Expectations

What to expect as a property owner in Australia?

  1. Recap of the previous session

  2. Pre-settlement process – communication, inspection, fund preparation, paperwork, dos and don’ts.

  3. Post-settlement – defects, appointing a property manager, rental income filing, getting a tax file number, expected costs.

  4. Assessment of investment suitability for Client.

  5. End session for the unqualified investor.
  1. Re-cap of the previous two sessions. Helping clients to find out if which stage they are in.

  2. Financing – discuss the basics of financing available to foreign buyers.

  3. How to move forward, next steps for a qualified investor.

Following the discovery session, once Client is qualified, there will be more sessions and support on helping client to find the right property, going through the sale & purchase process together. ARE Property will stay with client through every step until the property is completed and handed over. (In most cases, we continue to assist clients post completion whenever we can).

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